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Hi guys, I’m Kim Blank. I’m luckily married to the love of my life, and we are blessed with two delicious daughters and sweetest furry son.

I’m someone who finds joy in literally everything! 

The smallest, minuscule parts of each day, bring me the greatest joy and gratitude! I take absolutely nothing for granted! I’m so blessed to be alive, and surrounded by everything I ever wanted in my life…love, family, and happiness!

My first love was fashion. One of my bachelor degrees is in Retailing, and I worked at the corporate level as a Buyer for many years. My buying career was in juniors and women’s collection fashion, shoes, accessories, and handbags. I worked many years both at the corporate level, and even retail, in high school and college. This industry inspires and excites me every day! I love to express my individuality and zest for life thru fashion. 

My other great love is Interior Design. When I lived in Los Angeles, my best friend and I ran our own interior design company. I am someone who needs to be creating at all times! I’m very entrepreneurial, have a crazy work ethic, and love making everything around me unique, beautiful, inspiring, and special! I could stay up all night sourcing and laying out the perfect design…I do kind of live for this!

As a new, stay at home momma, I’ve been searching for another outlet to express all of my creativity, while not taking me away from my daughters. I’m always being asked for fashion, hair, decorating, mommyhood, and entertaining tips. Therefore, I decided to create one place for all of that information. As well, I’ve always been an open and honest book about everything in my life, way too much, according to my hubby…ha…but I’m honest, authentic, and love sharing and especially learning from others.

I hope I inspire you in some way to make each day more precious and beautiful…whether it’s in the art of entertaining, decorating your home, travel ideas, beauty/hair tips, or just the joy of having the perfect outfit that sparks your day and inspires you to do your best!

I’m looking forward to taking this most authentic journey with you…through all the amazing moments, and the dash of not so amazing. Remember, there is joy to be found in every minute of your day…don’t forget to seek out the small beauties of this wonderful gift of life! 

Side note, I’ve never modeled, just trying to learn photography, and am not a professional writer (I follow none of the proper rules…I’m sorry). I already laugh at myself enough trying to do those three things!!  I’m just a first time momma, with a unique perspective, a complete joy and gratitude for life, hoping to spread more love and inspiration, and Obsessed with ALL things design!


Live Love Blank

What’s in a name? 

My life motto has always been…to live a full and authentic life, and to love and be loved.


If you are just waiting for the next best thing to come along, you are missing everything to be grateful about in that day! If you aren’t seeking out what brings you the most joy, finding gratitude in each day, and experiencing other cultures, people and places, you are wasting this precious gift.



Love is everything!! What more do you truly need if you can love yourself first, love all other people and animals, and find that partner and/or friends to cherish and dance thru life with. How amazing would our world be if we all just had more compassion and love for people different from ourselves.



Fill it in darling…

   Live, Love, FOOD

   Live, Love, Shoes

   Live, Love, Mermaid Hair

   Live, Love, Career

   Live, Love, Travel

   Live, Love, Furry Friends


If you are alive and giving out love each day, you have it all…

fill the rest in with all your passions!!

Yes, a love of handbags counts!  However, no matter the materialistic things I share on my blog...know you already have it all, if you are living and loving!

I hope you enjoy…I’m obsessed with clothing, handbags, shoes, amazing food, interior design, traveling, theatre, animals, my family, entertaining… So that’s what my blog will be about…the extra sizzle that excites me!!

Thank you for taking this journey with me and inspiring me as well!