My Nightly Routine: Favorite Cleansers and Cleansing Tools for Sensitive Skin and/or Rosacea

Live Love Blank Favorite Cleansers and Cleansing Tools for Sensitive Skin and/or Rosacea

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HI Guys...I'm finally getting to the beauty portion of my blog...yay!! It's a hard balance having a career again, and being a mostly stay at home momma to two, 2 and under.  I have so much planned, and well I am starting to get into it. Enjoy!!

Let me first remind you, that...

A) I have a skin disease called Rosacea.  Which in basic terms, means if untreated, my face is bright purple, feels like it is on fire, and has about 500 pimple like  spots covering my face. It is horrific, and there have been times, I wouldn't leave my home because it was so bad. In less severe cases, it causes a reddening to appear all over your face and chest.  In my case this reddening goes down my chest and almost to my elbow...I hate it, and there is no cure!!! UGH!! I can remember pre-makeup days...aka high school, and people always telling me "do you know your face is red"...duh...I can feel it burning...sooo annoying...I just wasn't exposed to dermatologists/aestheticians back then.  When I turned 30, I moved back to Arizona from California, and it got so bad that I finally saw a dermatologist...I thought I was allergic to something in the environment...but no it was Rosacea.  So after years of dealing with this...I have it under control thru doxycycline (pill form) and foto-facials.  Seriously, this combination is life changing!! (I'll go more into that in another post.) However, during pregnancy, or those "trying to get pregnant months/year" and can't do either. There is a somewhat effective pill you can take while pregnant, but it only helps about 60-70%.  Therefore, I've had to experiment a lot, with products that are great for Ultra Sensitive Skin.

B) I turn 40 in two my skin care is a lot more serious...meaning I'm coming from a place a little more experienced...ha! Yet, trust me, 40 is not what 40 was years ago...I have more zest for life than many people I know 15 years younger than me...Age is only a number, it's the positive energy and excitement for life that keeps you feeling young ladies. However, things have definitely changed from my twenties...and I'll be addressing those throughout a variety of posts. 

So lets start with the basics....CLEANSING!

Now most of you will die when I tell you, I rarely washed my face at night, until my early 30's ....ugh gag! No seriously, I had a very active social life, and washing my face at 2/3 am was not something I was into, or I'd be up super late working and studying and well...I probably washed my makeup off maybe 3 nights a week. Work hard/play hard was definitely my motto.  Plus, I didn't have any real issues in my 20's, no signs of aging etc, just flushing of the skin.  Now, omg it is my favorite thing to do!! There might be 1 night a month, if that, that I am so tired, and just roll into bed forgetting, or fall asleep watching a movie.  I wish I had started my regime years before...seriously, it kills me a little, to know how much I took my youth for granted.

Now, nothing makes me happier than cleansing and putting on all my serums at the end of the day!!!  Luckily, I married a man, who tells me how beautiful I am without makeup all the time...crazy sweet...he is so thoughtful and honest in his appreciation, and it never gets old...7 years...and still...I love that he tells me that all the time. I'd never go in public without my makeup, but I feel the best every evening without it, and when I rise each morning.


Here is my current cleansing routine and my absolute favorite products!!


1) Eye Makeup Removal...I use this Neutrogena Oil Free Eye Makeup Remover, and it removes all my mascara, eye shadow and eye makeup...I've used this forever, and can't find anything I like's a winner! I use these cotton for each eye...I hold the pad on for a few seconds, and then lightly remove.

2) This might be my favorite product addition to my regime!  I use one of these Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes to remove all of my face makeup, foundation, concealer etc. I didn't start using this till a few years ago, and was never feeling like my cleansers were getting it all off. OMG seriously this step is life changing!!! It removes all the makeup, so your cleanser is able to remove the final product and really get in there and deeply clean your face. I use this on my neck and décolletage as well.

3) Cleansers: I have 3 favorites for different nightly needs...and I'll tell you why...However, don't forget to clean your neck and décolletage. I used to forget these areas, but they are subject to daily environmental dirt in our air as well.

  1. This is my favorite facial cleanser!!!! It's actually a cleansing milk, and is just as luxurious as it sounds...Spa Technologies, Lavender Cleansing Milk!! I swear this is the most divine cleanser of all time, and the perfect lavender scent.  I use this as my reward....on nights I'm so tired and hesitate about washing my face, I bring out this beauty, and it is my reward to myself, for making the effort to be my best self!  Seriously this product is so perfect it is mood lifting!!! I'm Absolutely obsessed!!! I use this the most, because it's my...great at getting everything cleansed and refreshed daily cleanser! I was introduced to this at my favorite spa years ago, at The Boulders Resort and Spa, here in Arizona...If you absolutely must go here...they have innovative treatments, and the loveliest facility, and their spa cafe is the most tasty.  I can't tell you how many times I've been here...I love them!!. It's around $28, and was my first pricey cleanser...and I used to worry about how fast I would use it...but it lasts forever...spend the won't regret it! I learned thru my years to spend the money on the best you can get, because products really go the distance, and you should be using the best you can afford...your face is the first thing everyone sees.
  2. On days I know I want to deep clean with cleansing tools, post normal face wash cleansing...I use the Dermalogica UltraCalming Cleanser.  It is a lightweight, good for sensitive skin cleanser. I love to use this especially when I'm going to take an extra step with the cleansing tools in #4.  I also use this on nights where my skin is super sensitive, feeling a little burn, or just starting to breakout. It is such a lovely cleanser and part of my favorite skincare line for dealing with sensitive problematic skin.
  3. I've recently aded this PIXI Nourishing Cleansing Balm into my routine, for nights when my face needs an extra cleansing, but also could use more moisture, and I am just not in the mood to deep clean with an additional cleansing tool. This guy is so lightly rub in the balm all over your face, then use the cloth in #4, get it wet, and use it to remove the balm in circular motions.  It takes off all the residue and leaves your face feeling a little oily and crazy's such a cool cleanser...and super affordable!! 

4) This Sponge Cloth from Dermalogica is a new find, and I'm crazy obsessed...seriously it is the softest ever, and you can reuse it over and over again! I use it remove the above PIXI cleanser, or when I have to remove a mask. It is super soft and non irritating! It gets completely stiff, and you must wet it to get it soft again. Such a goodie and feels incredible against your skin!

5) Cleansing Tools: These are my 3 favorites: these actually all make fantastic gift ideas as well!

  1. The Clarisonic Mia is the the first Clarisonic that didn't completely irritate my skin and make me purple and burning.  This model is lovely for ultra sensitive skin.  I use it a little more lightly on my cheeks where I tend to get inflamed easily. I use this guy once a week, and wow can you see a difference... it is amazing what 1-2 minutes make using this.  My skin is crazy smooth and ultra clean and free of any residue and ready for my serums to do their job!
  2. I just started using this tool, the BT-Sonic,a few months ago.  I love the triangle shape head, for reaching the sides of my nose where it meets my face, and getting closer to my lips, eyes etc. It is the easiest to clean afterwards also.  It cleans just as well, with a little less irritation than the Clarisonic, but the Clarisonic, I feel, might get a tad deeper clean.  However...this guy is a winner for sure, with it's innovative head design, and ability to get into the harder to reach places around your nose. 
  3. I love this microdermabrasion tool from PMD, I use him once a month, although I should more often, because he is super lovely.  It really helps to turn over dead skin cells, and doesn't irritate my skin. I use the sensitive cartridges, since I have such sensitive skin.  I see the exact results using this, as when I've gotten microdermabrasion done professionally, through the save your money and get this won't be sorry! He is truly the microdermabrasion at home success story!

6) Morning in shower Cleanser: Love using Cetaphil in the shower in the am...It's just enough cleanser to refresh my face and start the day! Perfect for sensitive's the back to basics cleanser.


I hope you enjoyed this post, and let me know if you have any questions, or suggestions for products that I must try.

All the love, Kim