Let's Start Talking THE BEST SALE of the Year....The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Starting July 12th!!!

Liveloveblank.com Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

This is hands down my favorite time of the year! I go crazy every year this time, because this sale is life!!! Let me break it all down for you...in all the ways...and with all the details!!!

Why is it Life!!!

Why do I love this sale more than any other sale....it's because they are marking down new, incoming for fall and winter goods, BEFOREHAND....not mid way thru the season, or after the season ends....NOOOO ladies...BEFORE we head into fall...it's all fall goods on sale!!!

Important Dates to Know:

July 11th :

Level 4 members get to shop the day before it opens.  

July 12th - 19th :

Open to all card holders...online and in store...you want to shop as early as possible, because things fly out of stock...it's crazy!!

July 20th - August 5th : 

Anniversary Sale is open to the public!


How do you get early access? 

Basically you just need to sign up for the Nordstrom Credit Card...easy!  Plus, you get $40 in rewards to use, when you make a purchase the same day you get approved! I love this card...points wise, it doesn't give me any more money back based on what I spend...but I love that they offer triple point days throughout the year, and they give you a few to use, which I tend to save for this sale...because this is when I like to stock up! Plus I get free alterations...which I never take advantage of, but totally should. You can sign up for the card HERE. The rewards come to you in terms of Nordstrom Notes that you can only redeem with Nordstrom...which is never a problem!

It is imperative you shop as early as you can....soooo many of the most amazing buys and unique pieces go super fast!!!...Ugh its so frustrating...so seriously shop that night...with me...I'll be online shopping too!!! 

You can also, shop online, and pick up in stores...as a busy working mom, I do this all the time...and they offer drive up, curbside pick up, at most locations, including ours here in Scottsdale.  I'm all about this service...especially if I have both my babies with me...yes honey...love you Nordy's! I love that they make it so easy for us to shop their stores, and one of many reasons why this is my absolute favorite store!


How in the world am I shopping July 11th...One day Prior to Pre-Sale?

Can't tell you how many people, especially other bloggers, asked me this last year!  Basically, level 4 card holders, which is just based on the amount of money you spend on their credit card each year, gives you access to the sale one day early! Cha ching...a nice little reward!

Last year I might have spent 10 hours in the store(see pic above), because I wanted to see everything...and as an official blogger, I felt it my responsibility to you guys...this year...no thanks...I will be going early, to scout out the amazing buys for you girls, don't get me wrong...but will be shopping on my computer for the most part, and trying on things in the comforts of my own home!! It's faster, easier etc...free shipping and returns, and or store pickup! Although, their team was super amazing to me last year and I had a Personal Shopping Assistant with me, hanging up clothes as fast as I could try on etc, pulling all the items...even brought me an iced coffee...seriously such a cool and fun experience...Love the Nordy's tea!! They are always ultra fab, and not snobby at all...I might do that next year, because it was super fun...definitely an out of a movie bizarro experience!


How am I going to help you shop the sale, and get the best buys and deals? 

To help you girls...I will be doing multiple try on sessions, showing all categories of my favorite buys, at a variety of price points! I will be posting them on my blog and on Instagram...Make sure you sign up as a subscriber to get the blog post info first.. I always share info to my subscribers, prior to posting to Instagram!!

I will be actively responding to all DMS on specific questions about the sale etc...You can also always ask a question in the comments section of that day's Instagram post...I check that pretty regularly...or don't be afraid to send a DM...I know people might think that's weird...and they don't want to bother me...but seriously I'm just like you, we are friends, and you can ask me anything!  I'm doing what I do, because I love talking fashion, beauty, motherhood, design, life etc...I love more than anything connecting, growing, sharing, and chatting about all this fun girl stuff! I'm not that girl sitting on an Instagram pedestal thinking I'm cooler than everyone...Heck no...legit just a nice, compassionate person, who is crazy about enjoying life, and making it as beautiful as possible...so send me that DM girlfriends!!! (side note) Sometimes I get overambitious and will open a DM and think I can answer it while at a stoplight and then it changes and I can't respond. By the tiem I look back, I can absolutely not find your Dm again....ughh...so if I don't answer you back...send me the question again...or send an emoji...soemthing, so it sends it to the top of the feed, and I can see it again.  There's still a few of you I'm dying to answer your question, but absolutely cant find the DM...so that happens...sorry!

liveloveblank.com Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2018

How to give credit back to me or any blogger that inspires you?

I love when my girls ask me this...totally warms my heart!! xxooxxoo Yes, all of us bloggers, make a small commission, for any sales we make, and that is quite honestly how can I even remotely afford to run my blog. Therefore, I would soooo appreciate it if you could shop through my blog, for any ideas or inspirations I give you.!! (insert prayer sign emoji)

So if I give you any inspo...and you would like to give me credit...If you are shopping on your cell or desktop...just keep open my blog...and click on any nordstrom link before you check out...or simply...click the tab "WHERE I SHOP"...scroll down to "NORDSTROM" and shop/check out that way.  It's based on the last link you open...so if you open 10 of mine, and then 1 link of someone else's...they were technically the last link opened, and thus get all the credit, whether you bought that last item or not. 

Anyways...I would absolutely...whole heartedly appreciate it!!!!  It doesn't tell me who ordered, or exactly what you bought...just the link opened.  Most importantly, it also helps me with my analytics...because sometimes, I don't know what you want to see more of, or if I am showing you what you want to see...it helps to guide me. It's also nice to do that for any blogger you support...it's just like giving the salesperson who helped you in store, credit for their time and work. Unfortunately, I get no credit when you shop in the stores, even if you mention me, they are not set up that way...boo...right (but thanks to all of you who tried last year)!  Anyhow, message me if you have any questions about that...and I can't say it enough, but thank you for any and all support, and helping to give me credit for any inspiration I might give you!! 


What are my favorite things to buy

This is when I buy ALL of my Fall SHOES...no joke...I buy it now, and then add in a few new styles as they come in.  Last year I did 2 major splurges and bought two pairs of Stuart Weitzman Over The Knee Boots...Hands down...best purchase of the season. I saved $400 off each pair, and wore them all the time...plus they are timeless! I plan on buying a heeled version this year, if they have it! 

Jackets...I love buying little jackets...even though I live in AZ...and am then depressed the next few months, dying for the weather to allow me to wear them...ha! 

Sweaters, Dresses (but of course darling), Everyday Tees, and tons of Athleisure! I plan on stocking up again in these areas.  Oh and Jeans....yes! I got some amazing jeans and leggings last year!!

Seriously I live for this week every year!! Its such a rush!! I wish they would do this for spring/summer, because I have to buy so much more of that category living in the desert!

You can access the catalog HERE....although this is only a portion of what is included...everything will be online at midnight!!! whoohoo! 

Follow along on stories Wednesday, July 11th...for an inside sneek peek!!! 

Leave a comment or DM me any ideas and categories you'd like covered. I've gotten some great feedback already! I also apologize in advance for the insane amount of Nordstrom Sale Instagram posts to come...gotta share the knowledge girls...but don't hate me!

PLEASE NOTE!! I said it last year, and will say it every year! I buy a ton at this sale, and I'm in no way suggesting you need all of this for yourselves!!! This is what I do for a living, so I invest in my business! The key is to buy a few staples here and there...but if you know you are going to love something, my advice is to buy multiple colors now, while you can save money on it!  

My goal is to inspire new outfit ideas, creative ways of reworking pieces, and keep you looking gorge...let's face it...I absolutely feel better and have more positive, radiant energy, when I like my outfit for the day...If I'm not feeling something, and rush out the door, it definitely changes my energy for the day. 

One way to be our best selves...get dressed and show up for life! 

Cheers...and now for the fun!!! whoohoo!!!!