Gift Guide For Little Girls...Luxury Ideas...Holiday 2018

I decided to make my Kid’s Gift Guides…Specific to Little Girls. This is my area of expertise, so I feel most comfortable in recommending my top picks, and sharing what the girls’ favorites are. Since I have two daughters, ages 3 1/2 and 1 1/2…I decided to focus in this year!

We actually limit down the amount of toys we buy them. I like things that stimulate creative play and imagination, learning, or toys they can get many uses out of. We keep only a minimum and return or donate most presets, because they just don’t need the extra fluff, and it gets extremely cluttered.

Below is my gift guide for Little Girls…Luxury ideas, for those bigger ticket items. This is great even if you have grandkids, nieces, or friend’s babies to by for as well…Tried and True so many of these!!

I would really appreciate it if you are wanting to shop in stores, if you order online, and pick up in store…Otherwise, no credit is given for myself or any other blogger you love. We all make a small commission on things we suggest, so it would be super appreciated…Cheers!

Happy Holidays and Hope You Love These Again This Year!!!

All The Love, Kim

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1) KidKraft Waterfall Mountain Train Set and Table: My daughters love these..We don’t personally have this, but this is such a great idea!

2) Radio Flyer Full Size All-Terrain Steel & Wood Wagon: We have this and the girl’s LOVE!

3) Wooden Dollhouse with Furniture - Hearth & Hand™ with Magnolia: The cutest doll house!

4) Tan with Charcoal Trim Mini Teepee: Been waiting to buy this forever…they will love!

5) New 2018 Driving car for Kids Powerful 12V Rechargeable Battery Ride on car: We bought this 2 years ago so she could match my Range Rover and she is just starting to drive. It is amazing, but doesn’t have a remote, so I recommend 4 and up, so they can reach the pedals. Obsessed with this…I would have LOVED to have had this as a kid, my hubby says the same!

6) UrbanMod Kids Mid Century Style Modern White Table Set, Round Table with Two: We get the most questions about this!! We love this set…it is kid friendly, but fits my design aesthetic!

7) Swing-N-Slide Tremont Tower Wood Complete Play Set with two slides: We go back and forth on this beauty!!

8) Babysing Stroller Pram Baby Umbrella Carriage Baby Pushchair Suitable for Airplane: Thinking we need a travel stroller, for easy errands too…because Hartley never wants to get in…LOVE the design of this one! I’m thinking we need to make it happen! Our UPPA is amazing, but it takes up so much room in my trunk.

9) Wooden Art Easel: My Hartley is Obsessed with this!! We have the model under $100….either way…sooo amazing…depending on budget and style…This one wasn’t available when we bought ours.

10) Little Cottage 4 x 6 Victorian Wood Playhouse: We’ve been contemplating this…how absolutely perfect! My neighbor had this, and I loved playing in it when we were kids.

11) Firmstrong Mini Bella 16" Kids' Bike with Training Wheels: Hartley is getting this as her Big Gift this year…aww the best design…Cali cool!

12) Westport Dollhouse: I couldn’t decide between the two…they are both perfect!!

13) Sherpa Bunny Plush Rocker: We have this and the girls love riding it every night during story time!

14) Gray Pin Dot Anywhere Chair®: My Best Friend got this for Grayson, and then Hartley wanted one…omg they LOVE these miniature yummy chairs. Hartley actually fell asleep laying across it watching a Christmas movie the other night.

15) Uenjoy 12V Ride On Car Licensed Mercedes-Benz SL65 AMG Roadster Electric Cars for Kids Kiddie Ride F: This one has a remote control…Get this for your younger than 4 kiddos…so you can drive it and they can enjoy….so perfect!

16) Carolina Craft Table & 4 Chairs Set: Been wanting this forever fo the girls…we are super into arts and crafts!

17) Chelsea Kitchen Collection: The best present ever…This was their Big Gift last year, and we play with this all day everyday…so many creative play ideas here! You won’t be disappointed investing in this!!