Live, Love...Fitness: My Fitness Struggles Post Two Babies and 40 Years of Age! What Workouts I've Been Enjoying, and The 8 Changes I Made to Take Back My Health!

Live, Love...Fitness: My Fitness Struggles Post Two Babies and 40 Years of Age! What Workouts I've Been Enjoying, and The 8 Changes I Made to Take Back My Health!
Live, Love...Fitness: My Fitness Struggles Post Two Babies and 40 Years of Age! What Workouts I've Been Enjoying, and The 8 Changes I Made to Take Back My Health! Nike Nordstrom
Live, Love...Fitness: My Fitness Struggles Post Two Babies and 40 Years of Age! What Workouts I've Been Enjoying, and The 8 Changes I Made to Take Back My Health! Nike Nordstrom
Live, Love...Fitness: My Fitness Struggles Post Two Babies and 40 Years of Age! What Workouts I've Been Enjoying, and The 8 Changes I Made to Take Back My Health! Nike Nordstrom
Live, Love...Fitness: My Fitness Struggles Post Two Babies and 40 Years of Age! What Workouts I've Been Enjoying, and The 8 Changes I Made to Take Back My Health! Nike Nordstrom
Live, Love...Fitness: My Fitness Struggles Post Two Babies and 40 Years of Age! What Workouts I've Been Enjoying, and The 8 Changes I Made to Take Back My Health! Nike Nordstrom
Live, Love...Fitness: My Fitness Struggles Post Two Babies and 40 Years of Age! What Workouts I've Been Enjoying, and The 8 Changes I Made to Take Back My Health! Nike Nordstrom

BLACK TANK (size medium) | PANTS (size small) | SHOES (TTS) | SWEATSHIRT (size medium) | WHITE TEE (size medium)

Usually I don’t do patterned pants, but these were giving me all the fall vibes, and I thought they were so fun…a nice change!

I’m super flattered that I get a lot of questions about my fitness routine…Thank you so kindly!!! Honestly, I feel so far from my goals, I’ve kind of avoided sharing, but I understand it’s a journey…so lets do it together!! Let me share what’s been working for me, the changes I’ve made…and what workouts I’m loving!!

I’m realizing that post two babies (my daughters are 3 1/2 and 1 1/2), and as a 40 year old woman…wow…this whole…”getting my pre-baby body back”, has become a struggle! For the first time ever, it’s difficult…such a bummer!! I can totally relate to all the women whose stories I’ve heard now in similar situations, post children, or aging. In keeping true to my transparency and authenticity…it’s still important to share the journey with you girls…because I know so many of us are in the same boat! We need to lift each other up, and encourage one another to be our best selves…in all aspects of life!!

What I have to tell myself over and over is….I’m not a 20 something year old that just gave birth to her second baby! That’s honestly the hardest part for me…comparing myself to women in similar situations, but in clearly different age decades. Probably, because I don’t even remotely feel my age…I’m definitely frozen in spirit at 28, so I just forget that oh wait, I am 40. I’m also someone with little patience, and just want my body back stat…so I’m learning to give myself grace...but not Lazy Grace...ya know!! I like that new term I just invented…Lazy Grace…Let’s not fall into the Lazy Grace category!!! If you are reading this, and in your late 30s, 40s, 50’s and on…you get it! We all remember how easy it was to tighten up that 20 year old self…working out for a few days and poof there ya go…right! But funny enough…I can still remember wanting to be tighter, stronger, skinnier…even then. Little did I know. Also, maybe it was never easy for you, and you’ve always struggled with weight. I have girlfriends who always watched what they ate, worked out all the time, and still weren’t at their goal weight. Either way…whatever stage we are blessed to be at…here we are, and lets tackle it together!!

Honestly…it’s all such a personal preference…being thin, or not thin etc… and to each their own!! You do you…whatever you want, and whatever makes you feel your personal best!! For me, more important than my appearance, is how I feel on the inside!! Having two babies that rely on me each and every day to be present and active…I want nothing more in life, than to be healthy!! Especially to be healthy enough to have the ability to be of this life, raising them, and showing up for them, with great energy and clarity each day!! How I feel on the inside, is 100 times more important!! But let’s face it…I feel like superwoman, when my outer self is aligning with my aesthetic goals for myself!

Motherhood is beyond tiring…I don’t even know why I’m so tired some days…and I just keep pushing through. I’m exhausted, I wake most days feeling a little ill, as I never let myself sleep enough…and don’t even try talking to me before I have my Nespresso! I’m in the constant search of balance…aren’t we all!

What I can tell you, is that working out makes me feel AMAZING!! That feeling, post class, is beyond incredible…it almost renews my spirit and makes me tackle everything with a more positive outlook…motherhood, work, life…even laundry! So I do it first to feel good, and second to look my best!

Honestly...the hardest part is starting!! Whoa baby!! The Pre..Day 1…is Everything!!! Really it’s just a mental game! You get so busy with this that and the other…and you don’t allow yourself to schedule in time for yourself…time for your health…I get it!!! I’ve been there many times, posts children. If you know its all mental, you need to just change your thoughts about it! Also, like with anything…if you do something for 30 days, it becomes a habit…so just start day 1!

So my #1 suggestion, for all my beauties is just Start…Tomorrow!! Schedule your workout in your calendar, and stick to it….that’s it…just show up for yourself!!!

I personally like to work out early evening…because when I wake up, my mind is racing a million miles, and I have so much I want to start accomplishing right away. I don’t want to stop that flow of energy and thought process, and would prefer to direct it towards my business. However, if I’m doing a workout video at home…I work a little, and then right before I shower, I do my workout video at home. My daughters can join me…we have fun, and make a memory together being silly.

I’m telling you ladies…I get you! Trust Me!! I never been so spread thin in my life!!

Children, while the most amazing blessing and my greatest prayer ever answered, can have a funny effect on your ability to get stuff done!!! Quite frankly, it’s hard to think straight for 5 minutes…it’s still such a fascinating and bizarre life change for me.

The 8 Changes I made

1) Told Myself…IT’S TIME!! I’m of the mindset, that taking time for me is imperative…and THAT is THAT!

2) Get some CUTE WORKOUT CLOTHES…Seriously such a mood lifter! If you feel good about what you are wearing, you will push yourself harder each class! It’s wild…but so true….Loving all the new Nike clothes coming into Nordstrom!! The pants I’m wearing here, are so fun for the gym and just tackling the day, pre or post gym. They scream fall, and are super comfy! Plus, you know I’m Nordstrom obsessed! I love everything about the free shipping and returns bit…Just makes this busy momma’s life easier and more convenient! I’ll link a few other choices below. Plus, I just posted another athleisure look HERE, that I’m loving from Nike!

3) JOIN A HEALTH CLUB WITH CHILDCARE!! This was KEY for us!!! We needed a place we could take our kiddos to, while we got in a workout. Hands down…finding a club that has a great childcare area was INSTRUMENTAL, and the best money we could spend on ourselves and our health!!

4) EXPERIMENT to find what you love! Ask your girlfriends, family members, coworkers…anyone! What classes do they love to take? Experiment with as many as possible, and find what you love! You never know until you try, what you will have the most fun doing! This could also mean scheduling with a personal trainer…I know many people who love the accountability of a personal trainer.

5) DO WHAT YOU LOVE, and Trump Fear of Pain!! It’s your life! Who cares what is in, or the next trend!! Do You! Do whatever gets you excited!! This could mean just going on a run around your neighborhood, taking in the fresh air, and regrouping!! For me…I get so excited to take my favorite workout class!!! Some classes scare me, because I know how difficult they are, and I get all nervous beforehand…but I also know how I will feel afterwards…and that trumps fear of pain!

6) I HIRED HELP! My family members are all super busy in their own lives…and well, we needed a break…and it took me years to get here! Now I have help so I can take a class here and there, without lugging the kids around etc…it’s just easier…and letting someone into my life like this, and releasing the control…has been the number 1 improvement in my overall health, wellness, mental stability, marriage, and business!!! A blessing from God, our Nanny!! We LOVE her!!! It could also mean for you, having a family member pop over, or swapping kids with a girlfriend, watching each others children, so you can each get a break! Even hiring your neighborhood teenager…I worked from 12 yrs old and all through high school, and part of college, as a summer nanny, and on the weekends etc…and loved it!! I’m including 6, because I also take classes outside my gym, and the child centers are just too small, or they don’t have one. This allows me flexibility, and sometimes I just want to go to the gym, myself, workout, and put in some work hours, post workout, in the cafe…minus my kiddos.

7) Get MORE SLEEP! The struggle of all struggles for me! I seriously love what I do so much, I just want to stay up all night…and work and brainstorm! So I find myself at 2:30am, full of energy most nights, knowing my kiddos wake at 6...uggh. Here I try and set small goals for myself a few nights each week. I try and get to sleep before midnight, at least 3-4 of the 7 nights…and then maybe I will go to 11:30 and then 11. This is a work in progress…baby steps here and there! It’s incredibly hard for me to fit it all in…and I know I need a mindset change here!! Once I change my mindset to yes, there are enough hours in the day...I know things will change!! I’ve been trying to get this mantra to be MY mantra…work in progress, like I said! However, I’m also someone, that whether I get 8 or 5 hours of sleep, I’m still dying, pulling myself out of my comfy yummy bed each day. However, definitely a healthy amount of sleep leaves me more refreshed, clear, driven, and gives me more energy and strength throughout the day…post feet on the floor, outside my yummy bed.

8) YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT! I’m not going to go into detail here, because I want this to be more fitness based…But experiment with cutting out certain food groups, and see how your body responds. Maybe you need to cut out dairy, gluten, etc, or cut back on sugars and carbs. There are an exponential amount of things you can do here. My biggest suggestions…cut back on sugars and carbs, and increase water…keep it simple…oh and add in more vegetables and fruits. Just start simple…and go from there!! Any change towards a more healthy diet, is a good change!! You Got This!


For me…I love such a variety!! There are actually things like aerial arts and dance classes that I would absolutely love to schedule in in the future!!! However, what has been working for me these past few months, are mostly classes at my local health club…as it’s the most convenient for me as a momma. I absolutely love my Booty Sculpting Classes, hands down FAV…love a good booty…ha!! Girls try a Booty Class…they are technically called Gluteus Maximus…but booty, just sounds more fun!!! I also love any type of Arm Sculpting Class, and recently got into Kettlebells (such a great workout). I’m such a huge fan of Hip Hop and Zumba classes…omg seriously so fun!! I always feel like such an idiot…but they are such a blast, and I burn so many calories having fun! My favorite classes to take are Pilates and Barre, which I barely take..why is that? I’m totally driven musically, in class…it’s actually So Much about the music for me…so uggh sometimes…I take a barre class that does not have the best mix…which drives me crazy…but my booty classes…Always the best music! Girls take a booty class!!…have I mentioned that!!! Ha!! I’d love to take more reformer pilates classes…I always enjoyed those, and throw in a spin class once a month…such a fierce agressive workout! I always say next month…but I need to make that really happen next month…(and back to tip #1). I aim for 3-4 classes a week. I’ve seen a few pounds in weight loss, and a few percentage loss in body fat (which if you follow me on Instagram and stories…woah…remember that eye opening day). So I need to start stepping that up to 5 days…because let’s face it…I need it…I’m seeing improvement, but have such a ways to go. I know I need to step it up and challenge myself here a tad more to get the results I want!! If only my hair wouldn’t get all sweaty...ha…seriously, I avoid having to wash my hair more than twice a week, and sometimes won’t work out for that very reason…so bad…always about the hair!


So that’s what I’ve been up to….Plus I try to drink 80-100 fl oz of water a day, remember to take my multi vitamin, turmeric and probiotics. I also juice for the week, and have a little each morning…starts my day off right. Another thing I love to do, but forget to do it daily, is have 2 tbsp of apple cider, half a lemon, little bit of cayenne pepper, and mix in a tall glass of water. Refreshing, gets things moving, and starts the day off with a nice healthy water intake…also helps with inflammation and other amazing things. Another change, if our schedules permit, is trying to eat earlier. We were having dinner 9:30/10 pm every night. We are trying our hardest to eat between 7 and 8. I’m telling you, you will see major changes in belly bloat, and even in weight loss by eating earlier. I know the goal should be 6:30/7…but we aren’t perfect…maybe one day.

So all in all…I’m beyond blessed to be alive…grateful for the opportunity to be a momma, and am struggling, like any normal person for balance in all areas. Of course, I’m always looking to improve my health, but I can honestly say I’m starting to feel so refreshed and youthful again, having committed to working out as a lifestyle change. I welcome any tips, and would love to hear your stories. I’m no expert, and this is just my personal story. I keep my weight loss goals in the back of my mind, but don’t obsess over it, and just take it one day at a time! Plus, you know if you follow me over on Instagram, I seriously live to eat! So if it’s date night, or we are dining out…I’m eating what I want…Always!

We can do anything we set our minds to…no matter our age, income, whether we have kids or not! The key is to have fun, set realistic goals, and hold yourself accountable…and to show up! Show up for yourself!!!

All the love, Kim

Thanks to Nordstrom for sponsoring this post, all opinions, obviously are my own!